Filmmaking by Students to Improve Learning Skills and Core Competences

Since the introduction of the new BA and MA education programs it is one of the chief aims to improve the learning skills and core competences of our students. Bearing this goal in mind, we have developed a conceptual framework that allows students to create and produce films by themselves. Within the curricula of either subject-specific formation or teaching methodology, those self-made short films are equalized to exams, term-papers and other forms of written studies in terms of their recognition and evaluation within the ECT-System.

A contribution to innovative teaching methods:

The orientation towards real life scenarios while approaching academic issues makes a huge difference in a student’s life. The creative concept of “filmmaking” and the new way of learning and preparing material helps to encourage and motivate our students. Our project appeals to students because it feels modern and implies exciting and innovative learning methods. Especially future teachers benefit from the learning experience through film production and are thereby perfectly prepared for the appropriate handling of media and films and its later use at school. 

Students often complain about the lack of innovation and variety in the classes of their academic studies in humanities and social sciences. The implementation of “filmmaking” into the academic system opens a new pathway for teaching at university. Typical problems like the very limited place for interactive and communicative approaches in students’ research projects (traditionally handed in in form of term papers that are only seen and reviewed by the corrector) and the missing link to real world experiences can be solved involving students in film projects.

To enable the participation in our video project to as many students as possible; to develop the necessary requirements for integrating our project into several study courses; to work on establishing assessment formats like project outlines in form of story boards, written academic comments and the final video product; to focus on the application of equal evaluation criteria.

Innovative Learning Environment: Activity & Diversity


Chances and Challenges: New Ways of Developing Core Competences


The Benefit for Students: Ego-Strength

What it is all about

What we are driven by

which core competences are to be improved

why students like to join us

what we want to achieve

where the journey should lead

Our video project started as the initiative of a small group and it is carried so far by the generally good and partly even enthusiastic response from our students in Romance languages. Yet, basically, our activity can be transferred and adapted to other study programs as well. We therefore encourage other lecturers to adopt our project model for their courses, and we offer our know-how for its implementation into other subjects and curricula. It should be also considered that videos having been created and produced by students may serve as impulses or even as course material in future teaching lessons.

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